Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hating Sense

Like a herd of half rotted zombies spotting some some living flesh, the unreflexive Irish left set about moaning, mumbling & grunting this week in defence of a  government
funded website that advised teens to get involved in threesomes to spice up their sex lives. It seems that such advice is, when given by a government funded boondoggle, automatically good. 

Exactly why Government should rob the productive sector of the economy of €124,000 to give to website aimed at the most net literate demographic is an unaskable question. Public robbery is always a good thing for the Zombie Left and anything that undermines families & parents at the same time is doubleplus good.

Always counterfactual helps to put these issues in context. Imagine if the Iona Institute advised teens to experiment with threesomes as a a means of sexual excitement? You can hear the howling outrage from the same people who defended the sordid as they denounce both the site & the advice. Everything from STDs to emotionial damge would be pointed out as the fruits of such a poisoned tree.

Anyone can give what bad advice they like on the net, a wonderful anarchic combination of Speakers Corner & the World Fair. The issue is not that spunout gave rotten advice (it did) but that we were all forced to fund the giving of that rotten advice as a government service to the vulnerable. 

All the hypocrites defending rotten advice on our dime have achieved is to reveal their deep, nauseating hypocrisy. Either they believe robbing us to give teens worse advice than Cosmo might do, is fine, or they will defend any Government funded boondoggle that undermines families. Either way we know they act, not in teens interests, but out of shocking malice and hatred.

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