Sunday, 15 July 2012

No excuse for RTE

There is no excuse for RTE.

No excuse for the rotten journalism, the political cadres, the embarrassing home produced output or the brutal, coercive theft that is the license fee.

Once, in a poorer Ireland, in a time when statist nonsense was still believed, the Government felt it necessary to own the single monopoly TV station and extort money from us to pay for their broadcasting choices. Who can forget the dreadful Jacob's Awards, when the luvvies from the Government Monopoly TV & Radio gave themselves awards and then broadcast the award's ceremony at our expense? We are indeed a quiet people.

The monopoly is gone but the extortion continues.

Programmes cost money & in the limited home market that is Ireland it is difficult to make a return on investment. Fast, nimble, imaginative modern production methods should make it possible to produce home programming of quality but the station (it is ONE station with two bad channels) has adapted to changing technology with all the gusto & ability of a socialist to reality. Why should it adapt? With no market discipline & the right to steal money directly from the public Government agencies NEVER adapt.

RTE the station is undead, a vampire corpse sitting on expensive real estate, employing an over-paid over-unionised restrictive-practise paralysed workforce. Yes, it keeps broadcasting at our expense but the pretence of relevance, of utility has been stripped away.

The imported series, even those snatched away from the independent channel with the loot of the license fee, are merely re-runs, seen already either on other British Channels or, as increasingly the case, on the internet.

The net has slain the beast, freeing us of the choices of patronising Government know-betters & the sluggish bureaucracy of RTE.

In the near future Pat Rabbitte, the veteran of student politics & unabashed Marxism who has settled into a a semi respectable middle age as the Labour Party's most self regarding bully, proposes to institute a "Broadcasting Charge" to replace the license fee.

Rabbitte believes we are obliged to pay RTE for the privilege of avoiding it by internet. Rabitte believes a lot of very stupid things.

There is no excuse for RTE, no excuse or any kind of moral justification for either the license fee or a "broadcasting charge" to fund the collection of leeches that it is. No moral case can be made that coercion is valid but even those who accept state coercion have failed to make a case for coercive financial support for RTE. In our own homes we are free to watch what we will: we owe nothing to Rabbitte & absolutely nothing to RTE or the decisions it has made.

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