Thursday, 26 July 2012

In The Name of The People, The Hive Mind Delusion

There is a delusion, common amongst left-wing politicians & those who believe them, that we share a hive mind. They speak of a need for “us” to control some aspect of commercial life: “we must decide” is spoken as if this mythical hive mind had a moral compulsion.

Mr Boyd-Barrett of the wonderfully named “People before Profit” regularly speaks of the need for this “we” to control banking decisions & loan capital allocations but he is just the exhibitionist in this particular brothel, all politicians hint & nod at the idea of this hive mind, this fictional “We” who could do things better than crude anarchic markets. They want us to believe that there is a common consciousness, replete with our total collective wisdom which could allocate resources better, make better commercial decisions,  create a better world.

In their world we are ants, worker ants striving for some goal, not of our choosing but of theirs. We, as ants, are too stupid, too short-sighted to know what is good for us. Our individual decisions are the mere whims of children. The adults in the form of Government will make the decisions for us. Our labour, the resources we generate will be taken & used for "us". 

There is no hive mind, no shared consciousness, no “We” taking decisions. There are only politicians making grand plans & at the level of foot soldiers, bureaucrats in offices making decisions for on the basis of rules laid down rather than customer desires, bureaucrats obeying their own rules & ideas but with no stake in the outcomes.

"We" does not exist.

Decisions made by non-stakeholders are invariably bad decisions. 
Government decisions are always made by people who will suffer no loss or financial pain for that decision. By contrast decisions made by privately owned companies always have direct consequences for the people involved. With no tax payer to pillage & competitors willing to serve customers, fear is a constant accompaniment & goad. Serve the public or die!

What we as individuals want matters to the economy. We each take decisions every day about our spending, guiding businesses to our needs by our purchases & investments. The We-speakers would absolve business from that guidance substituting their goals for our individual goals, their priorities for ours. That is not we, that is them.

Every cent we spend guides resources into fulfilling our needs for cheaper, better different products & services. Enterprises that fail that guidance, that do not serve us, die & in a biological analogy, resources of labour, capital, land they held are salvaged for use in enterprises attempting to satisfy us. In a free market resources are allocated not where a few hundred politicians & a few thousand bureaucrats want but to satisfy the wants of all of us. That efficient resource allocation makes us all richer.

Private property is not some middle class illusion but a fundamental essential to that process. Mr Boyd Barret & ultimately every politician that speaks of “us” controlling some aspect of commercial life, must abandon private property rights & its role in economic calculations.

Limiting the government’s role in the economic life of the nation is the easiest best road to prosperity. Private property is the basis of that limitation. 

Ants don't own anything.

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